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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Prepared Pantry

The cooler weather means one thing to me--besides football, easy, delicious comfort meals! I remember the delicious smells coming out of my mom and grandma's kitchens on Sundays and I remember a lot of good times. I wonder how many memories are tied to smells --and food, of course!?

I do not proclaim to be a great chef--although I am getting better--for a good story ask me about the first meal I ever made for my husband. I do proclaim to have a good handle on being organized, and that includes in the kitchen. So what do I have on hand, and how can that help you to "whip up a meal out of thin air" at a moments notice? Thanks for asking, I am all too happy to share.

Salt & Pepper
Garlic (salt or powder)
Onion (flake is my favorite)
Fennel (cuz it's awesome)
Chili powder
All of these can be found in fresh or dried form--or frozen if you grow you own.

In the Pantry
Beans --I keep black, Great Northern, kidney and garbanzo on hand
Chicken, Beef and/or Vegetable stock
Jiffy Baking mix (or whatever brand you like)
Potatoes--or instant potatoes
Tomato sauce and paste

In the Fridge
Carrots **
Celery **

Ground Turkey or Beef
Mayo-I like the Olive Oil Best Foods
Soy Sauce
** Both can be chopped and frozen for future use

These ingredients can be combined to make hundreds of meals. I will share some of our favorites in an upcoming Soup & Stew series. These items are all relatively inexpensive--with maybe the exception of the meat, which is optional in many recipes, and most of us have it on our grocery lists. It has been 15 --yes 15--days IN A ROW that I have made dinner this month! That hasn't happened since 2010, or so. My all time high (keep in mind I've been married for 15 years) was 17 back in 2007. So here's to turning over a new leaf--a healthier lifestyle--cuz apparently I can't do it just for me, but I can to keep my kids healthy.

Tune in for tantalizing, easy meals that please even the pickiest of eaters.

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