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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spare Change can Change a Life

You might remember my "Loose Change Challenge" from a few months ago. Recently I figured out a fun way to spend it and spread a little joy and a lot of fun.

We have saved about $8 and here's a plan.

 1. Buy Otter Pops, or other Popsicles that aren't frozen.
They sell these and other varieties at many dollar stores (10 for $1). Otter Pops are about $3-$4 at Walmart for the 100 count box. Either way, you don't have to worry about them melting in the middle of the plan, and they are cheap so $8 can stretch a looonngg way.

2. Obviously since this is a money math problem, I can handle it. Other kinds of math not so much, but money math I am a Genius! So I get 2 boxes of 100 Otter Pops at my Walmart for $8.24. Then I divide them up into groups of 10--I have 20 "packages of fun."

3. Make a tag saying "Have a Fun Summer" or "You're so Cool" or "It's time to Chill Out." Something fun, simple, but the receiver has to know it 's not a joke or prank so make the tag sincere and maybe put your name. Tie the tag and pops together and you're on your way to changing someone's life (Ok- that's dramatic. You won't change their life completely, but you could make someone's day--and that's great!)

4. Over the next few days you can do a few things: 1- pick random houses and deliver them; 2- take them to the park and hand them out--obviously they need to be frozen first; 3- take them to someone who's made an extra effort to your life, your family or the community--with a Thank You card. People who do a lot often don't want recognition, but I know that a THANK YOU goes a long way.

4- Welcome the new families moving into the neighborhood with a quick "Hello."

Really the possibilities are endless. You are creating positive change using spare change--at the very least it will make a happy day just chillin' out.

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